The Best of the Underground Gourmet
Published 2008
Copies are still available! Send request through this website!
The Underground Gourmet
The Underground Gourmet
At our 30th Anniversary Celebration on October 16th, Diana Tikkanen gave an amazing presentation on the creation of the "The Underground Gourmet" and "The Underground Gourmet II" cook books.  These cook books were a very successful fundraiser for the GVMWA.  She issued a challenge for the creation of a new cook book.  That challenge was the ladies of 
Teck Cominco Limited!

Teck Cominco has stepped up to the plate and offered to publish a new cook book for us, the "The Best Of The Underground Gourmet".  Our challenge is to get this cook book ready for the printers by December 1stIt will be the Cordilleran Roundup's 25th Anniversary in January 2008 and we would like these cook books to be available for then.  This new cook book will commemorate the GVMWA's 30th Anniversary and be distributed in delegates bags with additional copies available for sale both at the Roundup and at future fundraisers.  

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce ourselves and let people know who we are and what we do.  Delegates will be taking these cook books home to spouses who may find they would like to come to one of our meetings.
Helen Fitzer also brought a sample of the first two cook books created by the GVMWA to the Luncheon. These two cook books had been assembled together as one.  Few members had ever seen these cook books so it was a rare treat.
The Underground Gourmet II
The Underground Gourmet II
Many women (and men!) sent in some amazing recipes for all of these cook books.  Have you tried them?  Do you have a favourite?  More than one favourite?  If so we'd like to hear from you.

If you want to see your favourite recipe(s) in the book, they need to be submitted  to Laurie Tegart @ by November 15th.  We need to know:

a)  The cook book it was in, 
b)  The title of the recipe(s),
c)  The page number in the book
d)  Any suggested changes to the original recipe.

For further information either email Laurie at the above email address or call (604) 943-8899.   

Again, these recipes need to be sent to Teck Cominco by December 1st, 2007, and before we can do that we need to choose the best recipes in each catagory as well as type them up.  So time is of the essence!  

This is an amazing opportunity to promote The Greater Vancouver Mining Women's Association as well as be a very successful fundraiserWe REALLY need your help to make this endeavor a success.  Please take a few minutes and help support our fundraising goals.