GVMWA Executive Listing 1979 - 2017


The following women have dedicated at least one term on the Executive Committee in the past 30 years. Many have held different positions over the years and have continued to donate their time and effort. Thank you ladies!

Catherine Allan - Current
Sheila Armstrong
B.J. Auston
Lois Banks
Barbie Bharmal - Current
Irene Barr
Cathy Barron
Irma Benner
Magali Bliss
Fay Braithwaite
Barbara Briden
Mary Bridger
Joan Bristow
Pat Brohman
Mary Kay Burmeister
Barbara Caelles - Current
Mary Campbell
Joan Christensen
Nancy Christopher - Current
Cathie Clinch - Current
Vicki Cloke
Kay Collins
Jay Coulter
Janet Crocker
Hazel Croome
Susan Danni
Raquel Dimock
Madeline Dujardine
Helen Fitzer
Rita Fletcher
Bonnie Fry-Smith
Carole Grant
Charolette Green
Val Greenwood
Betty Hainsworth
Jane Halas
Dawn Hallbauer
Joan Hallbauer
Betty Hamilton
Dianne Hatton
Dorothy Henderson
Diana Higgins
Linda Higgs
Margaret Hodgson
Anne Hogan
Pat Hogan
Irene Hope
Vicki Horswill
Anne Hylands
Anne Jones
Kerry Jones - Current
Pat Jury
Vida Keats
Mary Keen
Ann Kenway
Donna Kostuik
Shirley Kubig
Sherryl Latimer
Kay Leaming
Mary Leathley - Current
Betty Lebel
Maureen Lipkewich
Eleanor Livingstone
Margaret MacDonald
Michelle MacRae
Joyce Mallory
Elizabeth Manning
Norma Martin
Ann McCabe
Frances McKilligan
June McCuaig
Barbara McLean
Arlene Merrifield
Courtney Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell
Pat Mitchell
Betty Montgomery
Virginia Moore
Marilyn Mullen
Joyce Mulligan
Noni Mundie
Mimi Mustard
Claire Parker
Barbara Paterson
Terry Peatfield
Gloria Petrina
Doreen Pewsey
Wanda Pickell - Current
Lorna Pierce
Judy Poliquin
Dorothy Pollock
Anne Press
Tricia Prince Wright
Gay Pryde
Jean Rae
Jenny Ransom
Lynda Regabliati
Kathryn Reid
Betty Rennie
Irene Rhodes - Current
Barbara Roper
Erylene Richardson
Dianne Ross
Mary Rotherham
Jane Royea
Dawn Russell - Current
Sheila Sage
Nancy Segsworth
Alfreda Seraphim
Gail Smith
Peg Smith
Melia Squire
Rosemary Stack
Ann Stevenson
Jackie Stone
Florence Taylor
Laurie Tegart
Natalia Thomas
Jean Thompson
Dianne Tikkanen
Ivy Tully
Celia Utley
Donelda Waterland
Marie Westervelt
Sue Willson
Mildred Wood
Laurice Wright
Gayle Young